North State Recovery has 17 years of experience in collateral recovery. We specialize in the recovery of Automobiles, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Boats and RV’s.

Whether we are working an Involuntary or Voluntary Repossession, our staff and agents are trained to avoid confrontations to ensure that our clients assets are recovered in a safe and professional manor.

Field Visit

Not every account warrants repossession.  If the debtor can not be reached via phone or has not responded to client calls, then a field visit may be just the thing to get the debtors attention.  North State Recovery employs professional recovery agents who are trained to perform a proper field visit.  Our agent will verify the debtors home address and door knock until contact has been made.  Depending on the clients request, the agent will have the debtor to contact the bank at the time of the visit or obtain the debtors current phone number so the client may contact the debtor at a later date.

Condition Report & Pictures

Condition Report and Pictures are completed on every vehicle that is recovered. However, we also offer Condition Report & Pictures as a separate service for clients who want to know the condition of the unit prior to the account being submitted for repossession. In this case we will have an agent to locate the unit and complete a full condition report with pictures. Once completed the information will be sent to the client and the client can then determine if the vehicle is worth recovering.


We can handle all impounds/bailouts by either fronting the bailout fees or the client may wish to over night a certified check or transfer funds to our account.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is one of the most challenging parts in the recovery process and it is also the most rewarding especially when we locate collateral that many other repossession companies failed to produce. North State Recovery utilizes many different databases and skip tools to locate skip accounts. We provide skip tracing at no additional charge as part of the recovery process.

Locksmith Service

If our agent is unable to collect keys from the debtor at the time of repossession or when the debtor comes to collect their personal property, we can provide locksmith services. Whether it is a standard key, transponder, sidewinder, laser cut, proximity key or a dealer special order, we can get the job done. A key quote will be submitted to the lender for approval. No key will ever be cut without prior written approval from the client.

Transport and Delivery

We provide FREE transport and delivery to local auctions (Greensboro Auto Auction, Ray’s Southern Auto Auction and Mendenhall Auto Auction). For transport and delivery to another location not listed, please call for pricing. We charge a flat rate or per mile depending on request.


We offer remarketing services for clients who do not wish to go directly through an auction. We can secure bids from local car dealers or we can sell the unit online through Openlane.